Do you like challenges? Get ready to work in a company that aims to revolutionize the plastics world through innovation and creative ideas. Look for your job vacancy or internship offer. We are looking forward to seeing you at our facilities in Valencia!

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Take a walk around AIMPLAS. You will feel the good vibes and you will see the places where you will develop your projects and the importance we attach to the human team. Press play and get to know us!


We are passionate about challenges

  • We bring solving capacities to new challenges
  • We are at the forefront of technological knowledge
  • We take risks without fear of making mistakes
  • We are excited for the present and challenges the future
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We get involved

  • We fulfill our commitments assumed with our stakeholders
  • We have a proactive attitude proposing solutions
  • We care about the results of our work
  • We have a strong sense of urgency to make an impact with our contributions
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We focus on people

  • We promote active listening and collaborate as a team
  • We promote a positive work environment and empathy
  • People are key
  • We have a vocation for service
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Professional Excellence


HOW WE ARE: dreamers

We don’t take things for granted. We are different.

We are waiting for you to keep changing the world together.

Think big

We improve by setting major targets.

We are courageous

We are not afraid of making mistakes.

We are optimistic

We grow when faced with adversity. We are resilient.

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We are flexible

We adapt to new circumstances.

We are stronger together

Only together we can meet the challenges.

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We are caring

We believe in what we do and we are proud to do it for everyone.


These values are the basis of our working philosophy. Do you share them with us? Then you are ready to participate in our great challenges!

Rocío Gómez | Laboratory assistant

‘One of the aspects of AIMPLAS I value the most is the autonomy and time flexibility. We can combine our professional and personal life’

Amador García | Technologies manager

'We are modest, passionate and dreamers. AIMPLAS gives us the trust to create without being afraid of making mistakes and thus we evolve and succeed'

Vicente Ruedas | Researcher in Design and Injection

'It’s like a chain. Everyone has a role and all of them are important for the proper performance of each project and challenge'

Marta Pérez | Researcher in Compounding

'On my first day in AIMPLAS, I thought it would take time to fit in since it is a very large company. My opinion changed two days later'


Make the gear work

This area encompasses the departments that support the entirety of AIMPLAS’ activity. You will work for achieving a flexible, equal, socially responsible and healthy environment. Every person that takes part in AIMPLAS is a key part and therefore we care about their training, growth and welfare.

Haz funcionar el engranaje

Help the company grow!

Make the company grow! Do you have communication and marketing abilities? Strategic vision? With your help we will be able to grow to infinity, improve our international image and stay at the top of the plastic industry as a leading centre.

Haz crecer la empresa

Start to innovate

Are product design and plastic materials’ solutions your passion? The technologies’ area covers from chemistry to waste recycling with more than 20 plants equipped for research, formulation of new materials and improvement of processes.

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We make your ideas possible

This is where it all begins. Do you have unique ideas? Join the Projects and R&D team, the place where AIMPLAS’ best innovations are born. We make the complete management of projects from the idea until the product is on the market. You will be in contact with other national and international technology companies.

Hacemos posibles las ideas


In our laboratories, we perform many analyses and tests for all kinds of materials and plastic products, which allows us for instance to predict the behavior, ensure the food security of packages and parts or to know why a pipe breaks. Our laboratories provide the best guarantee, and the accreditation according to the standard ISO 17025 confirms it!


AIMPLAS is a huge family. For that reason, we do not only meet to work, but also to take part in a lot of activities and events. Have fun during and after the working hours!

AIMPLAS a great place to work

We support the United Nations Global Compact

The AIMPLAS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is based on the commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, being part of our daily actions the strategy and culture respect for its 10 principles in the field of human rights, labor rights, Environment and fight against corruption.

All of us are committed to equality, health and the sustainability of our environment. Therefore, we carry out iniciatives such as fruit day, Pilates classes, healthy habits workshops, events and solidarity races ..

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